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When sending an inquiry or booking request, please provide a little info on yourself and who you are traveling with. Give us just enough information to know that you are 25 or over and that you will be a responsible renter and a good neighbor for the other guests. We do not do instant booking, to ensure your safety and tranquility.

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Meet the Owners

Owner maintained for quality assurance.

,In 1981, Joan Carter moved to Anna Maria Island from North Carolina and rented one of these
apartments for a few years. It was a great place to call home. Today, she and her partner Olga Martinez own it and have restored the entire property as though they were going to live in it. Olga president of A Digital Design Studio – Architectural Design, did the design for the remodeling. They paid attention to details and created a home atmosphere at a vacation resort. Joan had also had a screen-printing business on the island since 1985, so they’re not absentee owners like a lot of rentals have. They do the grounds maintenance and repairs, so they will be around to make sure your needs are met. Enjoy our home! It is owner maintained for quality assurance.

Olga Martinez

Joan Carter

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